indian astrology and Vastu space

The word comes from Vastoshpat Vastu, which means obtaining protection, prosperity and happiness both in this life and after death. "O lord space and habitat, we are your devotes.Listen our prayers, free us from evil and disease, bring us wealth and prosperity, and help bring good to all who stay at home (plants, animals, and stop)." The Matsya Purana described the creation of Vastu purusa. Shiva fighting the demon was exhausted and began to poti.Small drop of his sweat is being born, which was greedy and cruel-evil regard.And soon accepted his weakened position and obediently turned to Shiva, to get some benefit. newly created was starving. Shiva was pleased with the attitude of repentance (obedience) of the new entity and appeared before nego.So mercy and worship Vastu purusa addressed to Shiva. "Oh my lord! I humbly ask for permission to feed all the three worlds. Shiva pleased with his approach ordered "So be it" At the same time newborn Vastu purusa was going to land, and his greed for food quickly realized the heavenly beings (gods, demigods and demons so) and are frightened of it. They were 45 creatures, 32 celestial beings who were connected with commitment beyond just field (space) and the remaining 13 were within the limits of the field. (1) ISH (2) PAROJAYA (3) JAYANT (4) INDRA (5) SURYA (6) SADYA (7) BARISHAM (8) AKASH (9) AGNI (10) PUSHNA (11) VITATHA (12) YAMA (13 ) KRITANTA (14) GANDHARVA (15) BRINGAVAJA (16) MRIGA (17) PITARA (18) DAREPALE (19) SUGRIVA (20) PUSHPADANT A (21) VARUNA (22) DAITYA (23) SESHA rest .. (1) BRAHMA (2) RUDRA (3) INDRAJAYA (4) APAVATSA (5) MARICHI (6) SAVITRI (7) VIVASWAN (8) VISHNU (9) MITRA (10) SAVITA (11) PRITHVIDHA RA (12) RUDRA and ( 13) APA. Together (45) lying with the face of the earth greedy Vastu purusa and thus reconciled. Each of celestial beings took up a particular position, and the Brahma sit down in its center