Story of sade sati for planet Saturn 3 part

All kings and how powerful potkleknuvat before Saturn . Even all the deities are in a panic when he comes . " Like the Saturn and his agent was tall, black , thin, with reddish brown eyes , long teeth and nails , prominent veins , folded belly , long beard , thick hair . He was cruel authority , his stare focused look that is down is extremely intimidating . His metal was iron , and precious stone blue sapphire . " He controls the tendons and nerves in the body , with the West , his day is Saturday prevalence ( Saturday), and sodzvezdiejata of Capricorn and Aquarius . He is known as spores , Blue Shadow , Black , infinite , controller . His view may be destroyed. " Representative continued : " If hope can be protected from the actions of Saturn on your life , give victims on Saturday and do not forget : Saturn is the God of justice and of death . "
After leaving the representative of Saturn , the audience strange silence reigned . The silence was interrupted by the entry of representatives of Rahu and Ketu , the two most terrible planets . The lunar nodes appear especially when there is an eclipse of the sun from the moon . Some say the troubling Sun Rahu and Ketu , the Moon . Representatives of Rahu and Ketu began to speak : " Rahu and Ketu darken the lives of living beings , they do not poshteduvat anyone . Happy are those who worship , because these two are known as extremely harsh lunar nodes . Of utmost importance is to worship . When satisfied Rahu gives mercy and removes the fear of disease and snake until satisfied Ketu gives transcendental wisdom . " Rahu ruled with lead and precious stones agate , while Ketu ruled the country and turquoise . Name Rahu marked : Polutelesen , always angry , Snake , persecutors , the dreadful , black deterrent , powerful Krvavookiot . While Ketu mean : Shilestiot , head, head .
" They worship Rahu and Ketu of the two lunar nodes as shadows that obscure the mind of those who do not worship . "
After posing representatives of all the planets came time to decide which brought the planet 's most powerful . All the people thought and talked about mogju itself . Everyone had their favorite. Many are reluctant reluctant , but responsibility for the final decision , which is the most powerful of the planets , taken by King Vikrama .
King thought deeply about all the planets , their powers , heroism , nobility . But again and again his mind was returning to Saturn and its ekstemna cruelty . So suddenly uttered the following sentence : " It is better to have a son at all than to have a son like Saturn . Once lord Saturn has tortured his own father , then everyone would be tortured . "
At that time Saturn flew his chariot and heard these words of King Vikrama . At that point he instantly fell to Earth and entered the hall where they sat for the power of the planets . Seeing all froze , her lips were dried and the voice of fear .
There are times when you need to pull the spoken words , such was the time of King Vikrama , whose heart was the fear come in the heels . But spoken words can not be withdrawn . King Vikrama fell at the feet of Saturn with full respect , keeping a brave face, but his fate was already sealed. Then Saturn have spoken : " Oh Vikrama , insulted me before this whole rally without even know my overall power capacity . Do you know that all Gods kneel and tremble before me , you know who you think I will be only get angry he will be completely destroyed . But he does not know is that the person who offended me nothing remains , not his name , no crumb that reminds you of him . Flying above the sky I heard you talking to me with disgust . I will now get into your starry constellation , which means that in the next seven and a half years you will have no choice but good to learn who I am ! Naskogo will really feel what my powers ! "
" Moon zodijachkata constellation remains in only two and a quarter days , the Sun, Mercury and Venus , one month ; exact month and a half , Rahu and Ketu eighteen months but I stay 30 long months filled with misery , even for the largest Gods . King Vikrama , are well prepared for an accident ! "
At that moment God Saturn flew away into the sky . King Vikrama holding his legs collapsed and cried out, "Oh God Saturn , forgive me for this insult , I beg you ! Have mercy ! "
Saturn hearing these words obdzrnal and said : " If you show mercy now , you never will we can get personal knowledge of me . You have at least once to feel my power , otherwise your audacious will never leave you !
Telling these words Saturn returned to his chariot into space entering his area of governance.