Thale of the White orchard


Metaphorically karma and free will can be presented through the story of the gardener and his flower garden.
One gardener to the tree just like white flowers and too busy to find any kind of white flowers.His garden was filled with white flowers that are nurtured with great love and devotion.
Three years ,He add great love and everyday Having the effort closely and was proud of praise from all who were able to see its beautiful white flower garden.
But after the third year, one morning when the flowers began to bloom, he unbelieving seen as a white tulip has received a great red spot.
... began loudly to complain ...
How is this possible?
I worked hard to control the land and environment for the flowers, and now see what fault ... For my effort went in vain .. How I made a mistake? I gave all my love of this flower is cultivated hard from sunrise to sunset, but Now nothing is worth ...
Maybe this is a legend during Sumerian civilization 5000 years ago, maybe the white flowers were seed planting the hanging gardens in Semiramida declared one of the 7 wonders of the world you are asking if antique periode.Maybе gardener made a mistake and if you did when you where .. .... Who caused the damage? Is there really a detriment to appear red tulip, different from his brothers and sisters'?
Тhis story for some people is a recognized condition in their lives.Making much love and effort hoping to control their immediate environment.
So carried, they see that their life has long appeared, a red.... spot.