Hartman node

Studies of other German scientists. Ernst Hartmann and Curry dr.Manfred confirmed vedic science of Vastu for adverse and earth beneficial points.Dr.Kari suggested that the Earth's field in the direction NE-SW and NW-SE up to 3meter creates electromagnetic lines as the network Now called Curry grid, while dr.Hartman discovered that the same passing from north to south and east-west produce double hand-crossing known as Hartmann node.This hand-crossing is unfavorable for the stay of people.
Statistically, the number is higher by around 70% to 100% of babies, children or adults exposed to
infections disease and many died, have allergies to food, depression, divorces are higher, it comes to abortion or may not to conceive children if they are sleeping or living in affected geopatic place.This measurements are carried out worldwide to become relevant indicator, but warned to be put in research.Today is easier to investigate because communication is faster and simpler with the help of Internet services.
Vastu in their original teachings, suggests a strong influence of the sun east to west of the country, while the moon influences from North to South.In the last page mentioned structures of these favorable points of the country or avoid unfavorable since the oldest time-and Mohendzhodaro Harapa.